Mulder EcoDrive

MULDER introduces EcoDrive, a paramount Environment Sustainable solution, first of its kind. Completely detached from the diesel engine of the truck, the EcoDrive is a full-blown electrical drive designed for the mixers that functions and delivers optimal performance in conjunction with “start / stop system” available on any modern truck.


The EcoDrive concept has been developed and patented by the Van Aalst Group R&D center and combined with extensive on-site testing during 9 months. This solution now meets MULDER highest standards of concrete mixers drive systems. The EcoDrive performs on 100% electric energy during loading and washing with a simple ‘plug-in’ power through a universal 63A plug. A compact electrical generator fully complies to the power demand of a mixer during standstill, loading, transport, unloading and washing of the mixer drum.


An intelligent alternative to reduce fuel consumption. The EcoDrive provides yearly up to $7,500.00/€10.000 savings from tens of gallons of fuel which not burned contributes to better air quality. During standstill, transportation and unloading, a virtually silent compact generator produces the energy taking full advantage of the environmental benefits of the truck’s “start / stop system” and towards the greenhouse effect, with: - 30% less Fuel Consumption - 30% less CO2 Emissions - 30% less NOx Emissions

A development which is fully compliant with the increasingly stringent (and future) standards for admitting of freight traffic in urban areas and on public roads.

Virtually Silent Generator

In comparison to the roaring diesel engine of the truck, this silent performance is a great advantage for concrete plants located in or near residential areas and during unloading in dense populated urban projects, where sound emissions is bound for new regulations. During unloading it is also possible to connect to the electricity net system which fully utilize the performance of the EcoDrive.

Environment Sustainable investment

The required investment of a MULDER EcoDrive system comes with a ROI (return on investment) of approximately 3-5 years, worst case based on fuel costs of today and not considered any grants or tax reliefs which might be applicable for green investments. The MULDER EcoDrive is a universal concrete mixer drive solution which can be used in combination with concrete mixers and trucks of any brand and type.

EcoDrive: Product of continuous innovation

MULDER Europe is part of the Van Aalst Group, which has a track record of delivering innovative solutions. For example, the CargoMaxx tank system in the international offshore bulk handling industry. Thanks to the CargoMaxx system that has proven to deliver substantial efficiency gains combined with significant environmental benefits, the success will continue with MULDER EcoDrive.

EcoDrive Truckmixer